wood texture background with plaid stripes wood texture background with plaid stripes wood texture background with plaid stripes

Hello Bonfire,

Here is a small site I’ve put together for your consideration. The pieces that I’ve included are a few of my own personal design and development projects. These pieces that I’ve picked of these are my favourite of that kind some of these I’ve had to really. These are the pieces I’ve enjoyed creating, stressed over, and most importantly grown from. Categorized by development and by visual design, these entries show some of the design techniques and the development practices I’ve had to teach myself over the years in order to achieve the results I was looking for. While I still have a lot to learn, I hope you might give me the chance to prove myself useful to your team. Thanks very much for taking the time to view this and I hope you enjoy the pieces I’ve put together.

- Chris Cormier

Web Design & Development

This was a piece I came up with after wanting to somehow animate the famous Canada 150 logo. What came from this was a scene where a number of the logo’s “diamonds” randomly change colours. This turned out to be one of my most well-known pieces to date.

This little piece came as a result of me wanting to make an animation which was different depending on the hour of the day. What I came up with is an animation that displays a different scene and a different greeting depending on the time of the day. This was a kind of introductory project into dynamic animations.

I created this piece along with a set of other vector designs which were similar in style to teach myself bit more on svg on them helped me learn the basics of working with SVG files in the browser and how to make interactive animations with them. It features a design of a polar bear that is composed of polygons. The polygons, when clicked, will animate off the screen and once all are off the screen, the design will reload itself.

Visual Design

Anne walking the pathway to Green Gables

This piece was made for a poster design back when I was in high school, for the production of Anne of Green Gables. It is one of my older pieces, but still among my favourite compositions. It features Anne of Green Gables walking down the driveway of the Green Gables farmhouse.

Ivory poachers superimposed upon an image of an african elephant staring right at the viewer

The idea for this photo composition came to me after seeing a bold and powerful image of ivory poachers posing for a photo. After seeing this, came the spur of inspiration that led me to create this piece immediately on the spot. It took about 8 hours from start to end before I finally came up with something I thought did the original image justice.

In this composition, there is the image of the ivory poachers superimposed upon an image of an African elephant staring right at the viewer.

I thought I would include this piece as I feel it is a good example of the kind of image editing I like to do and my level of skill when it comes to complex image editing. This piece above was actually one of my first attempts at any kind of complex photo-manipulation, the results I got from trying to create this were reassuring. This led me to continue creating compositions like it.

The reason I made this was that after seeing another image showing the same effect, a scene contained in a bottle, it made me wonder if I could replicate that look. It was my very first attempt at any kind of serious photo-manipulation and it forced me to learn a variety of techniques that I still use to this day for image editing.

This piece was an entry for the annual design contest put on by the Model international packaging company. The goal of this contest was to create a package design concept that would be used for coffee beans. Despite not knowing a thing about product packaging when I heard about the contest, I decided to dive into the project anyway as at the time I was really looking for something to challenge myself and I knew it would introduce me to a new kind of design format in the process.

The design features some of the major elements for any kind of food packaging (except ingredients, origin, or nutrition info as that wasn’t necessary for this contest), with those elements being: a strong image on the front that coincides strongly with the brand’s name, a section about the company, a small section used for telling about the origin of the coffee bean variety used, and as common for any kind of specialty product, a section telling about the product.

Thanks for viewing!